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Cold Starters
Hummus (v)
£3.95Add +
Puree of chick peas, tahini and lemon, garlic
Taramosalada£3.95Add +Cod roe paté, olive oil and lemon juice
Tahini (v)£3.95Add +Tahini, garlic, salt, lemon and oil
Tzatziki (v)£3.95Add +Yoghurt dip with cucumber, fresh mint, fresh dill and a touch of garlic
Potato Salad (v)£3.95Add +Sliced cucumber, red and green peppers, carrot and olive oil
Yoghurt£3.95Add +
Olive Marinade (v)£3.95Add +Mixed olives marinated in dry coriander, lemon and garlic
Beetroot (v)£3.95Add +Sliced beetroot
Greek Salad in Pitta£6.95Add +Feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, onions and parsley in pitta
Hot Starters
£5.95Add +
Minced pork, rice, onions and herbs wrapped in vine leaves
Dolmades Vegetarian£5.95Add +Rice, mixed peppers and mushrooms wrapped in vine leaves
Keftedes (meatballs)
£5.95Add +
Mince pork mixed with chopped parsley and onions
Spanakopita (v)£5.95Add +Filo pastry parcels filled with spinach and feta cheese
Falafel (v)£5.95Add +Served with tahini
Charcoal Grilled Vegetables£5.95Add +Sprinkled with olive oil and garlic
Grilled Lountza
£5.95Add +
Lountza is a meat delicacy of Cyprus of dried, smoked pork tenderloin
Grilled Lountza with Halloumi Cheese£5.95Add +
Halloumi Cheese£5.95Add +Sprinkled with parsley
Grilled Loukaniko£5.95Add +Greek sausage with mince pork
Grilled Pastourma£5.95Add +Beef spicy Greek sausage
Grilled Octopus
£7.95Add +
Served with fresh parsley and lemon
Fried Calamari£6.95Add +Butterd calamari served with lemon
Chicken Wings£5.95Add +Grilled on charcoal
Saganaki£5.95Add +Grilled feta and tomato
Stuffed Mushrooms£5.95Add +With feta cheese and spinach
Side Orders
Chips£3.50Add +
Roast Cyprus Potatoes
£4.00Add +
£3.50Add +
Boiled and steamed rice
Pourkouri Cracked Wheat
£3.50Add +
Greek Salad
£4.50Add +
Made of lettuce, olives, tomato, cucumbers and feta cheese with oil and vinegar dressing
Charcoal Grilled Vegetables£5.95Add +Sprinkled with olive oil and garlic
Hot Pitta Bread£0.95Add +
On The Charcoal
Sheftalia£10.95Add +Cypriot speciality made with minced meat, chopped onion and spices, wrapped in lamb fat and grilled, served with salad in Cyprus pitta
Lamb Souvlaki£11.50Add +Succulent cubes of tender lamb, skewered and cooked over charcoal, served with salad in Cyprus pitta
Pork Souvlaki£9.95Add +Cubes of tender pork, skewered and cooked over charcoal, served with salad in Cyprus pitta
Chicken Souvlaki£9.95Add +Fresh chicken breast in a special marinade cooked over charcoal, served with salad in Cyprus pitta
Mixed Sheftalia£10.95Add +Sheftalia with pork or chicken, served with salad in Cyprus pitta
Mixed Grill£14.95Add +Lamb, pork, chicken and sheftalia
Loukanika£7.95Add +Served with salad in Cyprus pitta
Pastourma£7.95Add +Served with salad in Cyprus pitta
Halloumi with Salad£8.95Add +Served with salad in Cyprus pitta
Halloumi & Lountza with Salad£8.95Add +Served with salad in Cyprus pitta
Lamb Cutlets£13.95Add +Served with salad
Chicken Wings£9.95Add +Served with salad
Homemade Beef Burger£7.95Add +Grilled beef burger served with chips
Falafel in Pitta, Tahini & Salad (v)£8.95Add +
Traditional Greek Dishes
Kleftiko£13.95Add +Shank of lamb cooked slowly in oven served with rice or roast Cyprus potatoes
Moussaka£11.95Add +Layers of potatoes, aubergines, courgette, minced pork and béchamel cream on top, served with salad
Moussaka Vegetarian£11.95Add +
Beef Stifado£13.95Add +Beef with onions and red wine, served with rice
£10.95Add +
Minced pork mixed with pork chopped parsley served with yogurt
Dolmades Vegetarian£10.95Add +
Keftedes (meatballs)£10.95Add +Minced pork meatballs mixed with chopped parsley and onions served with chips or salad
Makaroni Pastichio£10.95Add +Served with salad
Meze Meal Deal for 2 Persons£49.90Add +A selection of traditional Greek starters followed by a variety of well known meat specialities
Seafood Dishes
Grilled Sea Bass£15.95Add +Cooked on charcoal and served with salad
Calamari£11.95Add +Battered calamari served with salad
Grilled Octopus£15.95Add +Chargrilled octopus, tossed in olive oil, garlic and Greek oregano, served with salad
Grilled Salmon£11.95Add +Served with salad
Soft Drinks
Cans£1.45Add +330ml
Bottles£1.70Add +
Orange Juice in Bottle£1.95Add +
Lucozade£1.70Add +
Orangina£1.95Add +
J2O£1.70Add +
Red Bull£1.70Add +
Still Smart Water£1.50Add +600ml
Still Water£2.95Add +1ltr
Sparkling Water£1.70Add +330ml
Sparkling Water£2.95Add +1ltr
Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice£2.95Add +
Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice£2.95Add +
Rizogalo£4.35Add +Homemade rice pudding sprinkled with cinammon
Galatopoureko£4.35Add +Filo pastry wiith semolina custard filling
Baklava£4.35Add +Filo pastry with crushed mixed nuts in honey
Greek Yogurt with Honey£3.95Add +
Vanilla Ice Cream£3.95Add +
Wines & Champagne
We continuously strive to select wines from the best regions, produced to the highest quality giving great value. We hope you enjoy them
D’Ahera Cyprus Red
£25.95Add +
Deep red dry wine with mellow soft taste and rich bouquet
Agios Onoufrios Vasilikon Cyprus Red
£26.95Add +
Purple and deep colour, aroma, fruity taste and perfumed
Agios Maratheftiko Cyprus Red£39.95Add +Dry, fruity taste. The best Cyprus red
Methi Vasilikon Cabernet Sauvignon Cyprus Red
£39.95Add +
Deep in colour, strength and masculine. The king of Cyprus wines
Nemea Lantides Agiorgitiko 2013 Greece Red
£29.95Add +
Aged in oak, gentle tannins and rich body
Cava Boutari 2010 Vintage Red
£28.95Add +
Balanced and rich wine aged in oak barrels for 3 years
Lepa Lebrel Rioja Spain Red
£25.95Add +
Full of character and body
Barolo Italy Red
£29.95Add +
Full bodied and mature wine
Morello 2011 Barossa Valley Nebbiolo 2011 Australia Red
£29.95Add +
Displays violets, cherry and plum. Aged in old oak barrels for 2 years
Three Hills Greece Red£26.95Add +Rich in both colour and fruity aromas
Mylonas 2015 Greece Red£27.95Add +A perfect accompaniment to red meat. This delicious dry red wine is a perfect blend of Merlot and two Greek grape varieties
Thisbe Cyprus White£23.95Add +Medium dry fruity white wine with a fresh palate of apples and grapefruit
Lantides Moschofilero 2014 Greece White
£28.95Add +
Full of aromas and freshness
Vasilikon Xinisteri 2015 Cyprus White
£25.95Add +
Apricots and peaches for a fresh and balanced taste
Sunday Mylonas Greece White£25.95Add +A sweet white wine, soft and delicate on the palate
Malagousia 2016 Greece White£26.95Add +Intensely aromatic with flavours of jasmine, rose petals and ripe pear. Compliments appetizers and salads perfectly
Septima Sauvignon Blanc Argentina White
£24.95Add +
Jacob’s Creek Shiraz Vintage 2015 Italy Rose
£22.95Add +
Fresh and crisp bouquet with fruity aromas of raspberries
House Wine£5.25Add +By the glass
Retsina Kourtaki of Attica Greece
£22.95Add +
Flavoured with resin from the Aleppo pine, unique to Greece
Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin Champagne France
£49.95Add +
Combines richness and elegance, with citrus fruits and real freshness
Taittinger Champagne France
£39.95Add +
Great elegance and finesse
Taittinger Rose Champagne France
£49.95Add +
Velvety soft red fruits with crisp acidity
Prosecco Italy
£24.95Add +
Fresh, fruity and softly sparkling with flavours of grape, apple and white peach
Prosecco Superiore Italy£27.95Add +
Dow’s Master Blend Port Portugal Fortified Wine£4.95Add +Concentrated rich fruit flavours with depth and smoothness
Aghostini Cocktail£6.95Add +A delicious fruity cocktail, made up of vodka, peach schnapps, fresh orange juice and grenadine
Cosmopolitan Cocktail£5.95Add +The Cosmopolitan is a stylish concoction of citrus and cranberry flavors mixed with vodka and orange flavoured liqueur
Margarita Cocktail£5.95Add +The most common of all tequila based cocktails. a mix of fresh lime juice, tequila and orange flavoured liqueur
Vodka Martini Cocktail£5.95Add +A killer cocktail combining vodka, dry vermouth and ice
Aperol Spritz Cocktail£6.95Add +A refreshing combination of Prosecco, Aperol and soda garnished, with fresh orange
Beers & Spirits
Zivania Aperitif£3.75Add +Grappa
Zivania Aperitif£16.00Add +250ml
Sambuca Classica Aperitif£3.50Add +
Tsipouro Aperitif£3.50Add +Greek version of Grappa
Keo Beer Cyprus
£4.25Add +
Septem Pilsner Microbrewery Beer Greece£5.95Add +
Septem Pale Ale Microbrewery Beer Greece£5.95Add +
Perroni Beer
£4.45Add +
Stella Artois Beer£4.25Add +330ml
Ouzo Spirit£3.75Add +25ml
Courvoisier Brandy Spirit£3.75Add +
Metaxa Greek Brandy 5 Star Spirit£3.75Add +
Bacardi Spirit£3.75Add +25ml
Pimm’s No. 1 Spirit£3.75Add +25ml
Jack Daniel’s Whisky Spirit£3.75Add +25ml
Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch Whisky Spirit£3.75Add +25ml
Vodka Spirit£3.75Add +25ml
Gordon’s Gin Spirit£3.75Add +
Hot Drinks
Latte£2.50Add +Coffee drink made with espresso and steamed milk
Cappuccino£2.50Add +Traditionally prepared with espresso and hot milk
Americano£2.25Add +
Espresso£1.60Add +A strong coffee prepared by forcing live steam under pressure, or boiling water, through ground dark-roast coffee beans.
Double Espresso£1.95Add +A double strength strong coffee prepared by forcing live steam under pressure, or boiling water, through ground dark-roast coffee beans.
Liqueur Coffee£4.95Add +
Cyprus Coffee£2.25Add +
Tea£1.95Add +
Herbal Tea£1.95Add +
Hot Chocolate£2.25Add +Hot drinking chocolate
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